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We strongly recommend enrolling your puppy into a puppy class as soon as they are 10 weeks old.  

Some supplies you may want to get if you don’t already have them:

  • Crate

  • Toys that will keep your new little one busy (a busy, tired puppy is a good puppy!)

  • Training treats (small, easily chewable-string cheese also works great!)

  • Collar, leash and ID tag

  • Brush

  • Food and bowls (I try to stay away from plastic bowls to prevent chewing)

  • About beds… those fluffy beds are so temping for a little puppy to chew on!  They can ingest the stuffing causing major health problems.  Be cautious when choosing a bed for your little one.  You may start with a basic shipping blanket or similar and wait to see when your puppy will be ready for big boy/girl privileges.  Stuffed animals and beds (stuffies as we call them) are wonderful for puppies because they are soft and comfortable, just make sure to watch your puppy while they play with stuffies.

  • Our previous pet parents have sworn by this…


Family Facebook Page:

  • We have a Facebook group specifically for our puppy families!  It is a private group and you will have to request to join.  We try to approve requests pretty quick.  There are two questions that we request you answer.  The first question is the name of your puppy’s parents and the second question is how old is your puppy.  We receive many requests from people who don’t have any of our puppies.  These two questions help us filter who should be in the group and who shouldn’t be.  We have a link to the Show Me Goldens Family page on our regular public page.  It really is a great page, you can see your puppy’s brothers and sisters grow, check out cute photos and videos and it’s a great place to brag about your puppy’s accomplishments.  It’s also a great place to go for advice.  Puppies chew, have tantrums, bark through the night, make messes, ect. and sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not the only one going through the puppy stage!  We have many puppy parents ask for training tips and bounce around ideas.  We try to stay out of the group for the most part because we want our puppy parents to be able to speak freely and be comfortable talking about any frustrations.

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