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How to bring home your puppy: 

First, please contact us and ask any questions you may have about our puppies.  We will also have questions for you.  We are responsible for ensuring that our puppies go to homes where they will be loved, well cared for and be happy.  That is our utmost concern.  Puppies are not a pair of jeans to try on.  They are a 15-year commitment.  Please make sure you have thoroughly considered the amount of work, training, and time that a puppy will need.   Once we have communicated and we believe that we will have a puppy that will match your goals, we ask that you fill out our application. Once puppies are born, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be due in order to reserve a puppy.  Should circumstances change, we will be happy to transfer your deposit to a different litter. 

Puppies may go home at 8 weeks old.  At approximately 7 weeks old, puppies will be temperament tested.  Taking what we have seen from the litter as they have grown and developed, combined with what we see during the temperament test, we will match puppies to their most suited home.  We consider the lifestyle and goals of our potential puppy parents. 


At times we are able to deliver puppies, or meet you part way.  Sometimes we are able to fly, with your puppy in cabin, to you.  You are always welcome to come to us during pickup time.  We are also happy to meet you at the Springfield, St. Louis or Kansas City airport.

All of our puppies go home with limited registration.  In the rare event that we will allow full registration, you will be required to complete the four core clearances (hips, elbow, heart and eyes) and submit results, along with a full registration fee.  At that time, limited registration will be changed to full registration with AKC.

Please note that we feel dogs are companion animals, they are happy living with their families and receiving love.  We will not allow a puppy to go to any breeding home where the puppy will not be part of a loving home.  Again, dogs are companion animals first.

We are able to accept cash, check (2 weeks prior to delivery), money order, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Please fill out the "contact us" form and we will reply as soon as possible.  You may also call Jenica at

(417) 763-9007 or email me at or Kelly at (417) 209-0961 or

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