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Benelli has earned her AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Urban and her RN (Rally Novice) titles.  She also has her UKC PTN (Pretrial Novice) title in Nosework and qualifying scores in lure coursing and should have her title soon.  She is a Certified Pet Therapy dog through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks.  Benelli has also appeared in commercials.  She is Kelly's shadow and best friend. Her favorite pass times include dips in the pond, napping, eating and napping.  She is a beautiful girl with a sweet personality to match.  Right now Benelli is focusing on training (and napping of course).  We are excited for Benelli's future!  Benelli is the daughter of Axel and Jolly.

Show Me the Way Ava

Ava is a real sweet heart. She is following in her mothers (Jolly) footsteps and is therapy certified. She has earned her CGC and will be competing in nose work and rally over the next year. Ava has a sweet personality and prefers to spend her days cuddled up  getting lots of love and attention. Ava is the daughter of Jolly and Chase

Gracie is an Addie/Cruise baby born February 2017.  She has completed basic obedience and has earned her RN, CGC, CGCA and CGCU.  She has also passed her pet therapy certification.  She earned her Junior International title, taking a Group 1 Puppy as well as her UKC Championship.  In November of 2018 she took home Reserve Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor at the IABCA Fall Seiger in show one and missed the opportunity to go in for Best in Show for show two by only one placing in group.  Judges have been very, very pleased with this girl.  Gracie has completed all of her health clearances.  

Ms. Holly girl was born March 1, 2018.  She is a very special girl, much anticipated and drempt about.  Holly is the daughter of Benelli out of Alubyc Send in the Clowns (call name Higgins).  Higgins was bred by Alubyc Goldens in Australia and he is currently showing in Ireland.  Higgins is Crufts lifetime qualified and has proven to pass on gorgeous looks.  Holly is incredibly smart, very loving and always happy.  

Up and Coming

JoJo is one of our young hopefuls! 

Mina is one of our young hopefuls!

Retired Dams

Jolly is a fun loving girl. She has excelled in everything we try. She has her Pet Therapy Certification along with her AKC CGC, CGCU and CGCA titles. Jolly has earned her AKC RN (Rally Novice) and her UKC PTN and PTA in nosework (novice pretrial and advance pretrial).  She also has many IABCA titles including a Best in Show at the Golden Retriever Specialty in 2015 at Purina Farms. In January 2016 Jolly earned her Certificate of Conformation Assessment.

Lindy is now retired from our breeding program. She is happy in a home with Jenica's brother. She is still is sweetest girl ever, very quiet and wants to be with people. She has earned multple IABCA conformation titles and her AKC CGC. Lindy is a beautiful girl who produces great puppies. Elsa was her first puppy and we are loving her eagerness to learn and please.  In January 2016 Lindy earned her Certificate of Conformation Assessment.

Addie is an outgoing and smart girl that loves her family.  She has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen , CGC Advanced, CGC Urban, Rally Novice (RN) and Beginner Novice in Obedience (BN).  She has also earned some fun titles like her Novice Trick (TKN) and Intermediate Trick (TKI) titles. She has earned her UKC Nosework Novice and Advanced titles, and her Novice Handler Discrimination title.  She is currently working the Superior level.  Addie is a therapy dog through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks. She is assigned to the Pediatric Unit of Mercy Hospital and the PALS program (reading program) through the Boys & Girls Club.   In January 2016 Addie earned her Certificate of Conformation Assessment from the Golden Retriever Club of America.   Addie is the daughter of Slade and Jolly.  Addie is very devoted to her boy, Austin, and Kelly.  Addie is retired and loving her life as a pet therapy dog and will continue to compete in obedience and scent work.

Elsa is a happy, outgoing girl. Elsa has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Canine Good Citizen Urban titles as well as her RN (Rally Novice).  She is actively competing in UKC nosework and has her PT's for novice and advanced, as well as other qualifying scores. Elsa is also a therapy dog through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks. She loves treats and her best friend Karley.

Daisy is a happy go lucky girl who can always make you smile.  She is always having a good day and is ready to be your best friend.  Daisy has earned her AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen and her RN (Rally Novice).  Daisy is also a Certified Pet Therapy dog.  She excels in nosework and has earned her UKC Novice and Advanced title, as well as several high place finishes including High In Trial. Daisy is currently working on rally and nosework.  Daisy is the daughter of Maggie and Axel.

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