Health Guarantee



In the unfortunate event that your puppy would need to be put down within the first two (2) years of its life due to genetics, or if it is found to have a congenital or hereditary disorder that is life threatening for your puppy, we will replace your puppy with your pick of a puppy from a future breeding of similar value.  The cause of death or condition will have to be certified and recorded by a licensed veterinarian, A BCS  ( Body Condition Score) should be in the medical records provided and released to the breeder, by your veterinarian. A Necropsy may be required upon the breeders discretion.  In the event that the puppy has not died and there is an issue, you may be asked to submit x-rays or have the condition verified with a second opinion.

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never become ill or need more than routine veterinary care,  and this guarantee does not cover the reimbursement of any veterinary bills associated with this puppy.  We cannot guarantee that any puppy will pass OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) clearances. 


Exceptions to the Guarantee:


We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, or breeding ability of your new puppy.  We cannot replace your puppy if he or she has not received routine veterinary care. Routine veterinary care includes all vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, as well as flea and tick prevention.  You are required to have your puppy seen annually by your veterinarian and maintain all vaccines and preventative care as recommended by your veterinarian.


This guarantee does not include any costs associated with spaying or neutering the puppy, including that of undescended testicles. This guarantee does not include any fees associated with obtaining clearances for the dog, or that the dog will pass clearances. We cannot be responsible for health issues on a dog that is overweight.  We try our best to screen puppies with problems, and we also are very strict in our breeding program, culling from the program any parents with congenital problems, or ones that we learn throw congenital problems.